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Manuwangku – Under the Nuclear Cloud

Dheerasekara’s images are concise and forceful depictions of a community fighting to preserve its culture and environment

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Marking The Pathway to Corporeal Pleasures

Exploring the frankly pervy world of ‘70s skin mags including female and male nudes, erotic poses and real sex.

Young People Today [2011 Edition]

Sharne Wolff pays a visit to Artexpress and wonders how students find time to make inspiring art with all the pressures of sleeping, eating and updating Facebook…

Them Listless Folk

Sharne Wolff encounters the strange tale of Waterface in Laith McGregor’s latest solo show…

Local Schmocal

Local Schmocal

Reviews Feb 10, 2012

So much to see… but what to write? Sharne Wolff solves her dilemma…

Fleshed Out

Fleshed Out

Art Life , Reviews Jan 27, 2012

Guest blogger Rebecca Conroy recalls Elena Knox’s 2011 exhibition of video poetry staged in a bookshop and wonders if the exhibition hinted at an alternative to the white box…

Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Our writers round up their top ten stuff from the year; exhibitions, music, movies, books and more. Andrew Frost tries to keep the year to the one nearly over…

Stocking Stuffers Part 2

In part 2, Sharne Wolff rounds up the best of the best from Barcelona, London, Byron and Sydney to down town Hobart…

Confidence, excitement, trepidation, annoyance and boredom…

Sharne Wolff wonders whether a tiger at Harry’s can match the excitement of four women with similar haircuts…



Reviews Sep 25, 2011

Robert Hollingworth wonders whether new shows by Philip Hunter and Tina Douglas might suggest a new way of considering the art object…