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Thanks for the Invitation

Andrew Frost remembers openings, drinks, taxis – a typical Tuesday night…

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Art, Branding and Camouflage Cows

In a recent talk given at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork, John Kelly ponders the relationship between artists, government funding bodies, the culture of branding – and history…

An investment in cultural capital

The very thing that will probably frustrate some in the contemporary art world about White Rabbit is also its consolation: an obsession with surfaces, writes Carrie Miller.

Glorious Mono

Glorious Mono

Media , Music Feb 18, 2008

From Ian Houston Robert Henke, also known as Monolake, is a musician, but only just. He explores that area of music on the very edge of becoming sound or perhaps he explores that area of noise, just on the edge

The Crack In The World

Ian Houston writes from London… The work, entitled Shibboleth 2007, runs the full 167 metres of the cavernous hall on London’s South Bank. It begins as a crack then widens and deepens as it snakes across the room. Colombian artist

The Summer Wind Came Blowing In…

The hot summer wind can make things seem awfully confused. There have been several persistent rumours and weird news items doing the rounds of the art world. A fun rumour for 2007 was that Gallery Barry Keldoulis was moving to

Brown Booze

Brown Booze

Art Life , Reviews Jun 07, 2004

There’s something incredibly desperate in that frozen moment when you think taking a schooner glass home from the pub is a “good idea”. It’s not like we don’t have enough glasses at home and hell, if we want more beer

Mean Streets

Mean Streets

Art Life , Reviews Apr 28, 2004

The streets of Paddington in the morning present a very different kind of reality to the one presented by the well-heeled suburb’s reputation. Oxford Street is cold and unfriendly and you wonder why you left your warm bed for bad