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Art Life , Exhibitions Aug 31, 2012

But in typical Carsley style, it isn’t simply a portrait that reveals the ‘truth’ of the moment…


Japanese self image, at home and abroad.

The Pale Mirror

Ship ahoy.

Noise in My House

They weren’t, of course, discouraged from consorting with each other…

Hijacked III

The ideal exhibition for anyone wanting to get an overview of the latest in contemporary photography…

New Work Friday #114

A Walk through the Garden is a photographic record of objects collected one Sunday morning in my garden.

New Work Friday #113

Cow up a tree…

A Heartbeat Away and The Pressings

To view Pat Brassington’s work is to enter the unknown.

Centre of the Known World

From far flung exhibitions in Melbourne and China, Luise Guest works out which way is east…