Noise in My House

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From Sharne Wolff

Noise in My House is the third part of a project initiated three years ago when Sydney artist Marcelle Robbins discovered an abandoned house. She proceeded to claim the property as her own, paint the house white and then completely cover the interior with a combination of her original artwork and commercial posters sourced from movies, books, comics and advertising. For the next part of the project, Robbins organised participants for a naked paint fight inside the house – the concept and garish colour of the paint referenced the psychedelic 60s and the participants were encouraged to be frivolous, have fun and acquaint themselves with the art works. They weren’t, of course, discouraged from consorting with each other.

Robbins current show documents the paint fight and its aftermath – the subsequent decay of the house. Through neglect the house has succumbed to the environment – mould has grown over the paint and local graffiti artists have made their mark. In this show, Robbins has documented the process with large photographic prints shot on film at the event (with the assistance of Dean Tirkot). A video installation will also be played on several found televisions. It seems Robbins is unconcerned with the conventional and the mundane.

Until 29 July
MOP Projects, Chippendale
Pic: Marcelle Robbins ‘Noise in my House’ – the Paint Fight 03, 2012. 11x14in Inkjet print on archival paper. Courtesy the artist and MOP Projects

Sharne Wolff

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