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Shock poll shock! Once again the proposition that reader’s comments should be moderated has been soundly defeated and so it’s up to you to be well behaved and sensible:

Poll: Art Life comments should be moderated

Yes 41% (58)
No 59%

Total votes 141.

We recently asked readers to vote in a poll indicating which Australian art magazine they had never read. There were two ways of answering the question. The first, and most obvious approach, was to answer the question honestly and so it was no surprise that Flaps, a magazine with a tiny print run, should come out on top as the country’s most unread art magazine:

Poll: I have never read…

Art & Australia 19% (38)

Aust Art Collector 16% (31)

Aust Art Review 8% (16)

Un Magazine 6% (11)

Eyeline 3% (6)

Broadsheet 3% (5)

Art Monthly 2% (3)

Real Time 3% (6)

State of The Arts 7% (14)

Flaps 34% (68)

Total votes 198.

As voting progressed in this poll it occured to us that there was a second way of voting – to vote against a magazine you don’t like by claiming you’d never read it. This may explain the unusually high numbers of votes for Art & Australia and Australian Art Collector. Considering the ubiquity of both titles and allowing for the likelihood of someone picking up a copy in a dentist’s waiting room, we think the result may be skewed in some sort of misguided political statement against just such ubiquity. Say it aint so people!

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