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Official: Edmund’s Gotta Go

Our three recent polls have been running as a rotating poll – that is, whenever you refresh the Art Life page you get a new poll… Magic! Here are the results of democracy in action: It’s time for a new

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Touchdown: The Future

Welcome back to The Art Life. We’re entering our fifth year in the blogosphere and there are some exciting developments ahead in 2008. Yes, we know we’re always talking about “exciting developments” but this time we really mean it. It

The Best Of The Best

To conclude our round up of reader polls asking what was the best of the best of 07, the Best exhibition of 2007 poll was a hotly contested vote-a-thon. In the end it came down to a race between two

Official: EMR King of The Hill

The voting is now closed and it’s official – EMR is the most important artist run gallery of all time. Hats off to Russell Barker and Neil Hawkes, the organising force behind what was the address for happening art in

Most influential! Of all time!

The voting for our second last poll of the year was vigorous and consistent. Who is Sydney’s most influential artist? An early lead was established with votes for Brett Whiteley – surely one of the most well known painters of

A Victory for Democracy

We thought our last poll was hotly contested but nothing quite prepared us for the intensity of voting this time around. Like the well-oiled and highly disciplined Labor Party machine The Australian Centre for Photography won a decisive victory in

Art World Thunderdome Part Deux

There can only be one! The Art Life‘s end-of-year death match is a contest to see who’s the most important, influential and possibly the most beautiful in our art world. We never expected round two – Most Influential Artist-run Gallery

Art World Thunderdome Part One

The voting was intense – hours were wasted, friends were recruited, reputations were put on the line. In the end, our poll for The Most Influential Commercial Contemporary Art Gallery in Sydney was one of the most heavily contested ever

Subscribe & Win!

Subscribe & Win!

Polls Nov 06, 2007

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Democratic Art Life

Democratic Art Life

Polls Sep 11, 2007

They say the only poll that matters is the one on election day. That may be true for electing governments, but it’s cold comfort for an art world where elections are never held and the people in charge step down