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A few weeks back we announced that The Art Life is taking donations to help with the costs of running the blog. Of course, making a donation is optional, you are under no obligation, although you can if you feel so disposed. It’s up to you and your conscience . Like sponsoring a child in a faraway country with a hungry belly and wet, hopeful eyes, we look to our readers and ask “Won’t you help us?”

There are two ways you support The Art Life. One is to click on the Make A Donation button under the poll and follow the instructions. All you need is a credit card. The other, and more popular way, is to help yourselves while helping us. We have started including carefully selected links to products on Amazon. We incorrectly stated when we started the Amazon Associates links that just by clicking through you will help us. Sadly that is false. You need to buy something. We’d like to thank those generous readers who have already done so – whoever it was who bought Extra Extraordinary Chickens [a book of photos of dressed poultry], you’ve made us very happy…

We have been in the process of updating our long list of artist, web site and publication links and we’re always on the look out for new sites, either by artists or about art. Send links to our email address theartlife[at] A recent new addition is a brand new artist run initiative – International Noise – the group who recently staged an exhibition complete with opening under a bridge in Paddington. The group have also just launched a web site. Meanwhile, a blog that announced its own demise has suddenly sprung back to life, Sydney Art Seen Society, the blog by Gail Hastings. A recent post is a tribute to Blair Trethowen and Mutlu Cerkez.

We’ve also updated our publications links to include Broadsheet, an inexplicable oversight on our part. Uniquely for a pro Australian art magazine, the site includes downloadable verisons of articles in the current issue – something that magazines like Un Magazine and Natural Selection have been doing but rare for the rest. Speaking of Un, they have a new issue out, Number 7, available as a PDF. Our attention was also drawn to a collaborative article in the recent Natural Selection by Ann Stephen in which a number of artists and writers responded to a quote from Ian Burn about originality in art. The article caan be downloaded seperately. Incidentally, Stephen is the author of a recently published book on Burn called Looking at Looking, which comes highly recommended. We recently browsed the book and found some very amusing and revealing anecdotes about our good friend Ian Milliss. Finally, a rather good artist site new to our list is that of photographer Eva Marosy-Weide, which is cool, clean and very attractive. Check it out.

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