Art World Thunderdome Part Deux

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There can only be one! The Art Life‘s end-of-year death match is a contest to see who’s the most important, influential and possibly the most beautiful in our art world. We never expected round two – Most Influential Artist-run Gallery in Sydney – to be as hotly contested as the commercial gallery poll. But with 345 votes cast this was one dog and pony show you had to be in. There was some late and spirited voting for Newtown’s loveliest gallery At The Vanishing Point, and a hugely entertaining tussle for second place between Chalkhorse and Firstdraft, and it was heartening to see that our fictitious gallery Sport Space got a very respectable 6 votes. [We’re now going to go ahead and apply for ARI funding based on this broad sweep of approval]. But at the end of voting a clear winner emerged – step forward MOP and claim your collective crowns.

Most Influential Artist-run Gallery in Sydney?

MOP 26% 88
Gallery 4A 2% 8
At The Vanishing Point 7% 24
Official Sydney 0% 1
Quarterbred 0% 1
Firstdraft 14% 49
Chalkhorse 14% 47
Factory 49 10% 33
SNO 6% 22
China Heights 2% 6
Don’t Look gallery 3% 12
Squatspace 4% 13
Terminus Projects 1% 4
Peloton 5% 18
Sport Space 2% 6
An Other Gallery 4% 13

345 votes total

The Art Life

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