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… to vote in our “most influential commercial contemporary art gallery” poll. Current voting puts Gallery Barry Keldoulis in an almost unbeatable lead with 79 votes, Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery second with 65 votes and at the tail end of the field Tim Olsen Gallery, Liverpool Street Gallery and King Street Gallery are looking for more friends. For those wondering how to rort the system, you can vote every day until the close of voting at 5pm on Friday.

Slight Correction: It was pointed out to us that Mori Gallery is missing from the poll. There’s no conspiracy there, we just forgot. We had thought of doing a round-up poll for second place, something like “what’s better than a pork chop – Mori Gallery or apple sauce?” but decided against it. Let’s just say Mori Gallery got five votes and apple sauce is just as popular as ever.

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