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The December-January period is a great time for getting ready for the rest of the year. After lying on a beach for a few weeks you start to get a bit twitchy about all the things you meant to do over the break – get your office sorted out, launch a new artist run gallery or perhaps start a new web site. By the second week of January with the start of all those ‘Back to School’ specials you start to realise you’ve let things slide. Time for action and a few emails!

Miss Hannah Furmage wrote to us to let us know that she’s launched a web site that records her recent projects. It’s fine design job that cheekily includes quotes from a range of people including a not-the-most-flattering quote from this blog. We told Furmage we liked her site and that we’ve now included it on our list of artist sites. Furmage replied: “I am delighted to be considered for your list of links. Particularly because according to the visitor counter on my website – there have been only 2 hapless visitors to my site since its conception 2 weeks ago. Most depressing, especially as I know that 1 of them was my mum.” We encourage all our readers to visit to get those stats up.

The Baker-McMullan Art-Making Juggernaut is a juggernaut we hadn’t heard of before, the whole race track of the art world being crowded with similar sized vehicles jockeying for pole position. It turns out that this particular project is the collaborative work of Tom McMullan and Tillie Baker [BFA (Hons) 2004], two hard working individuals with many irons in many fires. Tillie wrote to us asking if we could mention their latest venture, an exhibition they are staging at Blanco Negro, a single image that is a gigantic picture of a telephone they did as a backdrop for a band called Red Riders to use in a but which they are now showing in its own right because it looks good and it is cool. The show opens on February 14 and is confusingly called November 18. For further explanation you can read about the show on Tillie’s rather lovely designed web site.

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