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It’s in the numbers(0)

December 10, 2010

Carrie Miller considers the possibility of mathematically determined taste…

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Ten Art Apps: Part 1

Sharne Wolff considers the best art related apps for mobile devices…

Cyber-bludging with The Art Life

Tired of MySpace? Fed up with FaceBook? Looking for something that will waste time until the coffee break? Just relax and enjoy… We get sent a lot of links to artist sites and blogs and one of the most interesting to come our way lately is the site of Peter Callesen , an artist working […]

Help Skanky Jane to Help You To Help Skanky Jane to Help You To Help Skanky Jane to…

Skanky Jane of the world-famous Skanky Jane’s Ruses of Pleasure blog has written to The Art Life to announce the birth of her latestblogging project – Skanky Jane’s Bargain Box. It’s a project that welcomes all visual art themed contributions. Jane writes: SJ’s B.Box will publish your images and (visual culture oriented) opinion pieces, rants, […]

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