New Work Friday #87

New Work Jul 29, 2011 1 Comment

“Real men don’t cry,

they play sports like wrestling, boar hunting and football,

they dance to celebrate a try or a sexual conquest,

why heck, men can’t even feel can they?

at least that’s what I was once told…”

Like a bench warmer on the sideline, the guy who missed the bus or the child alone at playlunch, he sits. In a moment of privacy, he dares to drop his guard, and in that moment, we learn his story. It is a story of love, of loss, it is full of anxiety and isolation. There are personal struggles and private dramas played out on a public stage. It is about difference and belonging, a story of our vulnerabilities and our strengths, our realisations and our realities. In the spaces between the projected hand drawn films and the small figures on benches and astro turf, we encounter the world which has resulted from unearthing personal narratives. These stories, derived from a personal history in rural Australia, capture pitfalls and plights which are ultimately applicable to us all. – Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller Animation 1 2 3 & 4

Todd Fuller, Tense, August 2 to 7, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

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