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In 2009 our friend Emil Goh died suddenly of a heart attack aged just 43. He was widely admired and respected in the Australian art scene as an outstanding artist, curator, writer and designer, but mostly as an enormously good-natured and kind-hearted friend. An enthusiastic supporter of fellow artists and writers Emil was an early contributor to The Art Life, filing numerous reports from various locations from Venice and London to Melbourne and Sydney. He died in Seoul, where he had been living since 2004, and a memorial service was held for him there shortly after his passing. We have just learned that there will now be a memorial service for Emil’s many friends in Sydney on March 6th. Michael Schiavello writes:

I am writing to let you know that a memorial for Emil Goh will be held in Sydney on the 6th March, 2011 at Gallery 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Emil’s mother Sylvia feels it is an important opportunity for his Australian friends to gather and share anecdotes and memories in an informal way. Sylvia is flying in from KL for the event and has expressed to me that she would love to see Emil’s friends gathered in his memory.

4A is kindly offering their space from 11.30 am on 6th March (Emil’s Birthday), 2011. We aim to have a binder full of emails and letters of tribute to Emil available to read and also open to your contribution. Please send them to well ahead of 6th of March

There will also be an open mic for anyone wishing to share any thoughts on the day. Any contribution will be warmly welcomed.

This is an informal event which will give friends of Emil, in Sydney, the first opportunity to gather and tribute a special person.

Could you please pass this on to other friend’s of Emil that you know. Cheers

4A, Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.
181-187 Hay Street,
Sydney NSW 2000,

Reminders will follow.

Andrew Frost

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