The worst artwork eva

Stuff Sep 14, 2011 2 Comments

One of the fun things about having several thousand old posts is that people surf in from god know’s where and leave comments. This week, out of the blue, the following comment was left:

“This is the worst artwork i have ever seen, it seems to me anything in a gallery these days is provocative “art” i could probably shit on the floor and they would consider it as a statement about todays society.”

Now, we’ve covered a lot of stuff over the years so we were wondering what the offending art work may have been – we were surprised to discover it was this…

Andrew Frost


  1. Carl

    Come on guys;
    bitch bitch bitch.
    At least he isnt welding bits of metal together in the name of the worst artworks eva!

  2. Jack

    ive seen worse…art so bad its good. T.P’s work is however a pale imitation of Kippenberger, without the historical and social postioning. But as far as trends go Oz probably needs someone to do some weak kipperbergian artwork. Lets just hope T.P doesnt have the same personal problems as Kippenberger.

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