When Good Curators Go Bad

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26th May – 12th June 2011

GALLERY 1 When Good Curators Go Bad

Glenn Barkley, Michael Dagostino, Bec Dean, Kon Gouriotis, Lisa Havilah, Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Michael Rolfe, Plus a very Special Guest. curated by Michael Dagostino.

If you stop creating do you stop being an artist? Are years of study wasted if you don’t go on to have an arts practice? Can you be an artist and curator at the same time? Without being sentimental the exhibition framework for When Good Curators Go Bad is quite simple, if a curator/director/arts administrator has completed an arts degree or equivalent, practiced and has worked within the arts industry for a period of 5 years without making, than they were selected. When Good Curators Go Bad opens up a dialogue from the past to question what is an artist and how it is defined in today’s society.

GALLERY 2 Sixty Kilograms

Jodie Whalen

Jodie Whalen explores the relationship between an art practice and “real life”, breaking down these entities until they are essential the one and the same. Her current work explores performance as ritual within routine physical exercise. Her video performances/endurances are equally mundane and ritualistic, extraordinary and routine. Taking us on a journey that is both art project and everyday life, exploring the limits of the exercising body, linking its obsessive training and suffering to the process of making art and pushing towards a place of success – which in this case, is both losing weight and being exhibited in a gallery environment.
Whalen’s performance for this exhibition at MOP Sixty Kilograms will feature a live piece staged in the gallery space. Like her earlier works it addresses both the mundane and the ritualistic, in this case based on “60kg” the weight that falls within her ideal weight to height. Sixty Kilograms see a departure from strenuous physical exercise as performance but remains within the realms of the body and endurance.

Jodie is currently completing a Masters of Fine Art of research at COFA (UNSW).

Image: Sixty Kilograms Performance Still 2011.
Image courtesy of the artist

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