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Dear Art loving Sir/Madam,

My name is Dr Ahmed Abdalla director and board member of The 2nd Abuja Biennale, Nigeria. I got your email address from an email from the Manly Art Gallery so I decided to contact you.
We are interested in diverting some funds currently floating in the suspended account of the federal Arts office to your Art institution/ personal bank account as soon as possible.

Source of the funds are:

During the Honourable Arap Moi’s government, government officials awarded Art grants to a number of non-existent artists and institutions that were meant to help in the inaugural Abuja Biennale. These grants were grossly overpaid and the Biennale was a total failure. Now the present government has set up a review panel to find out where the missing money went and collect any outstanding dollars. My colleagues and I at the Biennale have hidden a great amount of money and have very little in the way of artworks or exhibition spaces to show for it and the Biennale is to begin in June. I have identified a huge amount totaling US$ 870m (Eight hundred and seventy million us dollars) to be spent on Artists, curators and the opening, but as I sai we currently have no artworks.

In order to fool the government we are seeking institutions and /or individual artists to send artwork, which will make up the 2nd Abuja Biennale. We believe that this would force the government to cease their investigations and we would be able to keep the remaining money. If your institution would be able to help we could give you some money. We would want US$43.8m (Forty three million Eight Hundred Thousand) dollars out of this money oversea transferred to your account because we are not eligible to operate foreign account, and I have been mandated to search for a partner abroad. We really want this transfer made as soon as possible before the government, who have started refunding money from Moi’s foreign accounts track this money. We will be offering 20% for your assistance. Please send artworks and curators as soon as possible.

If you would want to proceed with this transaction please reply with your name and phone number or your institution and if you do not accept my offer please treat with utmost confidentiality.

P.S. I also have a great deal of Viagra that I am selling at a very competitive price.
For more information check the website below please write me an email.

Best Regards fellow art lovers,

Dr Ahmed Abdalla,
2nd Abuja Biennale
23rd-28th June 2012

Andrew Frost

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  1. K McConnell

    I am very confused by an e-mail just received by me which has this very same ‘article’, but the source of the mail is NOT from you. I don’t know if I am oblivious to some hidden meaning in this post or whether you have been hacked. I do very much enjoy reading this blog and felt obliged to let you know the above information.

    THis email was reposted for entertainment purposes only. Apologies for any confusion – Art Life Management.

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