David Boyd: His work, his life, his family

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From Sharne Wolff

Innocence and evil, power and the powerless, mistreatment and humanity are some of the universal themes touched on by Australian artist David Boyd in this first public gallery retrospective of his work, David Boyd: his work, his life, his family. Boyd sadly passed away in late 2011 but curator Nicky McWilliam worked closely with the artist on this show before his untimely death.

The exhibition considers the output of an artist who often lived in the shadow of his famous brother, Arthur. Together with work from five generations of the Boyd family, one of Australia’s most prominent artistic families, the exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and other rare pieces from the artist’s private collection.

Boyd started his career as a potter and ceramic sculptor before moving on to painting in the later years of his life. He wasn’t afraid of controversy – and as early as the 1950s his work touched on the mistreatment of Aboriginal people whose presence had more or less disappeared in Australian painting to that time. According to his biographer, Brenda Niall, Boyd was a “buoyant, witty man, known for his informality, friendliness and generosity, [who] maintained his quiet but strenuous daily routine in the studio where he worked in ‘controlled chaos’.”

Until September 23
Eva Breuer Art Dealer in conjunction with the National Trust,
SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney.

Pic: David Boyd ‘Dance around the bishop and the judge’, 1972?oil on board, 90.5 x 121 cm.?Series: Garden in the wilderness.?Courtesy of the David and Hermia Boyd Collection and Eva Breuer Art Dealer.

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