Everything Falls Apart

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From Carrie Miller

In Everything Falls Apart, a mix of international and local artists who work primarily in the medium of film and video interrogate the real or imagined collapse of ideological and political systems from a range of perspectives. But if this sounds a little dry, consider this.

Sarah Goffman, Occupy Sydney, 2012.

English born artist Phil Collins, whose acclaimed work Marxism today features in the show, has previously produced a video piece involving a day-long disco dance marathon with Columbian nationals singing along to songs by The Smiths – a work that came out of his time spent in Bogota where he hung out in indie music bars.

Everything Falls Apart also includes the work of Sydney artist Sarah Goffman, also known for her acute and humorous observations about the politics and ethics of society through her use of the everyday objects of consumer culture. In this exhibition she recreates the global Occupy experience through her installation of re-made cardboard placards from the Occupy Sydney movement – a beautiful, highly commodifiable work which complicates the idea of an outside to the capitalist system that the signs it fetishes imagines.

Part I of the exhibition also includes the work of Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck & Media Farzin, Jem Cohen and Sarah Morris.

Until August 5
Artspace, Woolloomooloo
Pic: Courtesy the artist & Artspace

Carrie Miller

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