Marking The Pathway to Corporeal Pleasures

Exhibitions May 04, 2012 No Comments

Amanda Marburg has an unusual technique for making art. After modelling small-scale figures in plasticine she then carefully copies the works with oils on to canvas. The result is an image that highlights the hand-made nature of the original objects, but it’s also a process that gives her images a distinctly odd feel. Her new exhibition Marking The Pathway to Corporeal Pleasures explores the frankly pervy world of ‘70s skin mags including female and male nudes, erotic poses and real sex. Except in Marburg’s pictures the images have been transformed from pornography into plasticine stand-ins and, like her past work, the paintings explore a particular genre of image making altered and made strange by two stages of transformation. The show is weird and adults only – and utterly compelling.

Until May 26, Rex Irwin Art Dealer, 1st Floor, 38 Queen Street, Woollahra.

Andrew Frost

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