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From Sharne Wolff

It’s curious the way art and sport are often considered to lie at either end of a spectrum. In fact, the two forms of entertainment, if you want to call them that, have a lot more in common than not. Illuminate components of the game like the curve of a golf swing or the almost-perfect body of an Olympic athlete and the relationship becomes more apparent. Curator Sebastian Goldspink has sought to make something of this connection in Full Court Press where he’s gathered a terrific team of eleven contemporary artists – all with an attachment to American basketball. In the essay accompanying the show Goldspink declares his own interest in the sport, which began when a kid watching NBA games with his dad. Included in the show is Goldspink’s video interview with Tristan Chant.

QT_August 16_Full Court Press

In a Gallery setting that recalls the look and feel of a court Nicole Breedon’s Sports Decorated in USA red, white and blue references a 1970s macramé rope basket. As it traps a basketball mid-air it allows the viewer to contemplate the moment retro-style. Employing the same colour trilogy with added black and grey, Danny Morse’s En Court acrylic painting suggests there’s art in the court when it’s transferred to canvas. Will Cooke’s Untitled (Key Painting) seduces the viewer with it’s cubist technique while Mark Whalen’s glossy resin coated acrylic titled The Baller Room uses his characteristic labyrinth setting to highlight the absurd and throw a nod to Jeff Koons. Work by Hamishi, Biljana Janic, Philjames, Julian Meagher and Sarah Oxenham is also included in the show.

Until August 31
Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
Pic: Danny Morse, En Court 2013. Acrylic on linen, 60 x 90cm. Artwork courtesy of the artist and Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney.

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