Hungry Ghost

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From Andrew Frost

Located in the delightfully crumbling former hall of the adjacent Greek Orthodox Church, Kudos Gallery is the student exhibition space at the UNSW College of Fine Art. With its sponge-like walls, creaky floors and dusty steps, the gallery is a strangely malleable space for all kinds of exhibitions, from traditional stuff-on-walls to video installation, photography and performance. Despite the informal setting, some great work has been shown there since opening in 1998 and for the first outing of 2013 Amber Camille Jacobs presents Hungry Ghost.

hungry ghost

According to Jacob’s the show is an “…experimental and original use of paint, print-making, installations, animation and light in order to explore the ancient, Buddhist concept of the Hungry Ghost.” Jacobs work includes works on paper, prints on rice paper, and an array of presentations including the use of lightboxes. According to Jacobs, the Hungry Ghost is a ghost-like wraith that are typically depicted “…with spindly limbs and grotesque, distended bellies. They embody a fusion of rage and desire manifesting in an insatiable hunger that is both physiologically and emotionally driven. ??The exhibition examines the enigma of the interior and focuses closely on these figures’ empty, hunger-filled stomachs and abstractly interprets the formations found within their dysfunctional and deprived abdomens.”

Until February 2
Kudos Gallery, Paddington.

Andrew Frost

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