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“Throughout winter Plinth Projects presents a new work by Sarah crowEST. On the Edinburgh Gardens plinth a suggestively human proportioned mound is mutating over a period of five months as it is implicated in countless unforeseeable forces. Sarah crowEST is an exhibition maker, researcher and co-producer of objects. Through her art practice, a responsive approach is taken to the provocation of materials attending to their haphazard agency. Her recent production encompasses diverse media including foxed linen, coffee grouts and various recuperated left-over materials. Agglomerated under cementitious and painted surfaces these materials are tended to, incrementally, with poetic dexterity”- Plinth Projects.

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  1. Genevieve McLean

    I have been enjoying watching and looking at Sarah CrowESTs’ work daily as I walk my dog in Edinburgh Gardens. I thought it had changed, and put it down to vandals, and thought a new piece had been put up in its place but now read that it is a mutating work, LOL
    Thank you Sarah.

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