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“The adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” would not be appropriate in the context of this show as this is exactly what I have tried to do. I have created personas without faces. By combining certain hairstyles and accessories, I determined their personalities. You look at these assemblages and they become someone you know or someone you’ve seen. Our physiognomy alone doesn’t determine who we are. Some people choose to stand out. They style themselves in such a way, that one can’t help but do a double take. Others try to blend in and stay in the shadows. What determines which camp we belong in? In this work I am investigating how little is needed to define individuals and the shifting concept of personal identity. Whether we like it or not, we are frequently judged or pigeon-holed by our outward appearances; the hairstyle we favour, the sunglasses we choose or the clothing style we adopt. In this work I have removed the human element and let the outward accoutrements speak for themselves. In my professional photographic career, I work with models on daily bases, so I welcomed the opportunity to have some peace and quiet on set. The humour in the photographs is very important to me. I want the audience to connect with the work emotionally and laughter is definitely a part of that” – Juli Balla.

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