Sculpture 25

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From Andrew Frost

Sculpture 25 surveys the practice of artists working in nearly all of the available dimensions, [with the possible exception of time, and exotic dimensions hidden from view], through an array of figurative and abstract works. Of the 15 artists featured in Sculpture 25 perhaps Chico Monks has the coolest name, so suggestive of a classic Blue Note drummer, and the work is pretty cool too, pop assemblages stacked up like towers, and off the floor on a plinth, charming and humorous.

QT_July 12_Sculpture 25

Simon Hodgson’s steel skeletons have the schematic aesthetic of an architect’s outline, and their provisional status adds something beguiling to their visual appeal. A number of bronzes by artists including Oliffe Richmond, Phillip Piperides and Terry Stringer offer a warm if familiar artistic sentiment, but its Clement Meadmore’s commanding works from the early 1970s and 1990s, severe twists and bow ties, curlicues and straight lines that are the big deal.

Until July 24
Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst.
Pic: Clement Meadmore, Crossing, 1997. Bronze, 18×28×20cm, edition of 8. Courtesy Robin Gibson Gallery.

Andrew Frost

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