Another One Down: Damien Minton Gallery to Close

Art Life , News Jun 26, 2014 4 Comments


In another blow to Sydney’s art scene and the diminishing number of its quality contemporary art galleries, Damien Minton announced this morning the closure of his Redfern gallery space.



We regret to inform you the Damien Minton Gallery is closing.

Commencing in Newcastle in 2001 and then moving to Redfern in 2005, the gallery will be closing its doors at the end of July 2014. We simply ran out of money. It has been an honour and delight to exhibit contemporary Australia art for that period of time. The gallery has always maintained its fundamental driving principle of exhibiting artists who engage with the Australian cultural landscape. We give you, our audience, a very big thank you for your interest and engagement.We encourage you to join us for the very last exhibitions on the gallery’s calendar.

Pic: Simon Gende, Goodes is Australian of the Year, 2014.

Andrew Frost


  1. This a great shame, and Sydney will be the poorer for it. Damien Minton Gallery remained fresh and vibrant thanks to Damien’s energy and commitment and probably a significant sacrifice. Years of politicians, mostly Abbot’s libs, talking down the Australian economy which is triple AAA and doing much better than most has led to a weird negative psychology amongst consumers, and art is, as always, the first to suffer.
    Wishing Damien all the bet for the future.

  2. jimmy

    Sorry to hear this … Sydney needed you Damien…

  3. Andrew Harris

    Damien has been part of Sydney’s soul for a very significant time now, and we are grateful for that!

  4. Raymond James

    What an extreme shock. No other gallerist has embraced passion about the Australian visual culture in a unique way like Mr Minton. What a memory; Strutting down the street leading patrons writing Eternity on the pavement with the late and great Martin Sharp catching up from behind. Damien Minton’s work will not be forgotten and I want him to rise up and with those artists that are aware with their art to bite the arse out of the complacency of which the artworld has become.

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