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Ashleigh Garwood, The Gap, 2014. Silver Gelatin Print, 40×50″.


Ashleigh Garwood, Govett’s Leap, 2014. Silver Gelatin Print, 50×40″

Of Other Spaces is a series of silver gelatin mural prints. They are landscapes which are manipulated so that they become counter-sites. The original images were taken at places that were often painted in Australian colonial times.
Sites that were shown to be rugged, harsh or rural but overwhelmingly peaceful. These paintings had a way of neutralizing the violence of the time. As if there was a hidden ideological agenda which informed the depiction of the landscape, which in turn promoted that agenda. My landscapes, the counter-sites, are created to reflect the current Australian ideology. They are impenetrable, sheltered and concealing. They are allegorical images that exist to question the influence and power that landscape imagery holds in shaping societal frameworks and cultural understanding” – Ashleigh Garwood

Of Other Spaces, Ashleigh Garwood: Opening 15/10/14 at The Corner Cooperative, Chippendale

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