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Richard Bell: “An ostrich will bury its head in the sand”

Sharne Wolff interviewed Richard Bell. He gave answers. She wrote them down.

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Laurens Tan: “Art as a Vehicle for Thinking”

Luise Guest interviews Laurens Tan, who explains “The simple answer must be yes”.

Art & War

Art & War

Interviews Feb 05, 2013

Sharne Wolff talks to Ben Quilty about war, art, inspiration and art world politics…

Victoria Reichelt – Objects in Danger

“I look at objects that are in danger of becoming obsolete…”

Names Withheld | George Raftopoulos

Sharne Wolff chats with Sydney painter George Raftopoulos…

Tamara Dean | Only Human

Sharne Wolff chats with Tamara Dean about her new show, her influences and ‘environmental composition’…

Exploring Pattern

Energy, space and colour – Sharne Wolff chats to Lionel Bawden about his latest exhibition Pattern Spill…

Put Out More Flags

Sharne Wolff talks with Alex Seton about marble and politics…

Anxious and Horny

Sharne Wolff interviews Eric Bridgeman and discusses identity, photography and tips a winner…

1:26… the day’s already too short.

Din Heagney talks to visiting US-artist Janet Echelman about her sculptural practice, one that has moved deep into techno-collaborative waters and right across the Pacific…