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In the Realm of the Microcosmic: A Conversation with Zhang Xiaotao

Earlier this month, Zhang Xiaotao spoke to Luise Guest in Beijing about the importance of a revival of spirituality..

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Objet Trouve Chinois

Luise Guest meets Thomas Sauvin and discovers that 650,000 discarded pictures tell a story…

I Am Your Agency

Live from Beijing…

Floating Worlds: A conversation with Guan Wei

Luise Guest chats with Guan Wei at his Beijing studios…

Michael Zavros: “Everyone wanted to be alternative but they all looked the same.”

“I just make the stuff and I have no interest in defending it.”

Multiple Perspectives: an interview with Wenmin Li

Luise Guest meets Wenmin Li and discusses perspectives, painting and Hockney…

Tianli Zu: The Power of the Shadow

Luise Guest spoke with Sydney-based, Chinese-born artist Tianli Zu on the eve of the exhibition In Possible Worlds at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art…

Richard Bell: “An ostrich will bury its head in the sand”

Sharne Wolff interviewed Richard Bell. He gave answers. She wrote them down.

Laurens Tan: “Art as a Vehicle for Thinking”

Luise Guest interviews Laurens Tan, who explains “The simple answer must be yes”.

Art & War

Art & War

Interviews Feb 05, 2013

Sharne Wolff talks to Ben Quilty about war, art, inspiration and art world politics…