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Why A Mountain: An Interview with Peter Daverington

“Everything felt so cool and consolidated like there was some agreement amongst the art establishment of what is serious and what is not. Romantic Landscape painting was literally a no go zone, career suicide, so that appealed to me. What happened though is that I really came to love it and through some curious fate I ended up living in the Hudson Valley.”

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Home and Away: The Art of Tofu with Chen Qiulin

Luise Guest speaks with Chen Qiulin about the intriguing connections between Sydney’s Chinatown and the inhabitants of Chongqing and Chengdu…

In the Realm of the Microcosmic: A Conversation with Zhang Xiaotao

Earlier this month, Zhang Xiaotao spoke to Luise Guest in Beijing about the importance of a revival of spirituality..

Objet Trouve Chinois

Luise Guest meets Thomas Sauvin and discovers that 650,000 discarded pictures tell a story…

I Am Your Agency

Live from Beijing…

Floating Worlds: A conversation with Guan Wei

Luise Guest chats with Guan Wei at his Beijing studios…

Michael Zavros: “Everyone wanted to be alternative but they all looked the same.”

“I just make the stuff and I have no interest in defending it.”

Multiple Perspectives: an interview with Wenmin Li

Luise Guest meets Wenmin Li and discusses perspectives, painting and Hockney…

Tianli Zu: The Power of the Shadow

Luise Guest spoke with Sydney-based, Chinese-born artist Tianli Zu on the eve of the exhibition In Possible Worlds at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art…

Richard Bell: “An ostrich will bury its head in the sand”

Sharne Wolff interviewed Richard Bell. He gave answers. She wrote them down.