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Modernism Monday #28

Holiday Home for Writers, 1965-69, Sevan Lake, Armenia.

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Modernism Monday #27

Sam Vanni, Composition, 1957.

New York Postcard: Blinding and Wilting

“While the New York summer sun does double duty blinding and wilting passersby on Madison Avenue, anyone interested in art will have a more pleasant experience of light inside number 909…”

Modernism Monday #24

Dani Karavan, Negev Monument, 1963-1968.

New York Postcard: Palpable Determination

“Visceral, grotesque male figures that inhabit lurid, technicolour environments…”

Modernism Monday #23

Parviz Tanavoli, Last Poet of Iran, n.d. [circa 1970]. Iran

Modernism Monday #22

Frank Hinder, Tram Kaleidoscope, 1948

Modernism Monday #21

“Symbolic and poetic, it is a pivotal work in the development of an electronic language to articulate three-dimensional space.”

Tunes for Tuesday: Channel Music

I put Wii Music Over Trump’s Awkward Handshakes

Modernism Monday #17

Lee Jung-sup, White Bull, 1954