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Modern Lexicon

Being new – or having or suggesting a state of newness – is the most highly prized virtue of all.

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Modern Lexicon

Modern Lexicon

Art Life , Stuff Sep 23, 2016

Painting – like democracy or comedy – is a cultural practice that is widely accepted and easily recognised in its most traditional forms…

Six and a Half Questions | Kenny Pittock

Ok, well I guess one thing that’s not on my resume is when I was in year 9, my best friend and I would stand in front of the supermarket most weekends and busk using yo-yo’s.

Six and a Half Questions | Laith McGregor

Ommmmm… Yeah, I’m growing rainbows up here!

Six and a Half Questions | Brown Council

Where to from now?

Six and a Half Questions | Glenn Barkley

Is it true you are curating the Biennale of Sydney in 2018?

The Power Trip 2016: The 50 Most Powerful People in Australian Art
Outfielders 2016

Shaken and stirred.

William Tucker Prometheus (for Kafka)

A primeval, earthen lump of muddy metal close to three metres tall.

Overheard at the fair: Sydney Contemporary

You heard it here first…