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Modernism Monday #06

Lokomotiv i terräng

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New Work Friday #233

“In a world that is over-aestheticised and racing ever-faster, ever-broader, there is a kind of pushback and pause that these paintings offer.”

Lucy Vader: Rain Dances for Good Rainfall

“It’s all about the horizon, and the ability to create an abstract colour field in the vertical sense, and a depth of space in the horizontal axis but from the viewer’s perspective…”

Tunes for Tuesday: On The High Seas

Dolphins into the Future

Save Campbell Arcade

‘Save Campbell Arcade’ is a short documentary following the Melbourne, Australia based Metro Tunnel project’s attempts to demolish parts of the heritage listed Campbell Arcade, including renowned independent art space and zine store Sticky Institute, and the resistance and outrage the proposal is facing from the local community’.

Body Calligraphy: the performance work of Echo Morgan

“Echo Morgan works with stereotypes of ‘Chineseness’ and femininity in order to subvert them.”

Modernism Monday #05


Interview: Matthew de Moiser – Memory Vessels

“To me this work sits somewhere between Howard Arkley’s celebration of suburbia and Robin Boyd’s contempt for it….”

Chance Forms: Kate Vassallo at Wellington St Projects

“Similarly, small faults or errors, be it a wobble in the line, a momentary mistake in the order of colours, or a crease in the paper, can make the artist feel like there is a blight on an otherwise pristine arrangement…”

Modernism Monday #04