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Modernism Monday #30

Charles Tole, Quarry Buildings, 1967. New Zealand.

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Modernism Monday #29

Birger Carlstedt, Composition in Green, c. 1950’s. Finland.

Modernism Monday #28

Holiday Home for Writers, 1965-69, Sevan Lake, Armenia.

New Work Friday #239

“The history of art is in my work.”

New York Postcard: Massage Masters

It’s not easy to be bad when you are actually good.

Modernism Monday #27

Sam Vanni, Composition, 1957.

New Work Friday #238

The fragility of the failing world…

Modernism Monday #26

Dorrit Black,The Bridge, 1930.

New York Postcard: Blinding and Wilting

“While the New York summer sun does double duty blinding and wilting passersby on Madison Avenue, anyone interested in art will have a more pleasant experience of light inside number 909…”

Modernism Monday #25

Woman with nose dropper