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Penalties apply: the landscape of ‘Uncertain Territory’

If you’re the least bit aware of the state of the world, and its past and potential futures, then the ‘landscape’ would have to be one of the most problematic of all curatorial adventures.

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New York Postcard: Takeover Culture

If you spent more than five minutes in New York, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘takeout’ is the city’s word du jour, however, observing the zeitgeist makes me wonder if ‘takeover’ is on its way to usurp the title.

The Power Trip 2019

Read it and weep!


Because we can.

Vale Virginia Wilson 1966-2018

It’s with great sadness that I note the passing of a good friend, Virginia Wilson.

New Work Friday #242

“Often fragile and beautiful with an old world aesthetic that bewitches the observer, Apeseven’s play on life and death is recognisable with his works having a comprehensive visual presence…”

‘The only certainty is transformation’: Emma Fielden’s changing states.

“The work […] expresses something deep and fundamental about the essential isolation of human existence.”

New York Postcard: Old Skool New School

An air of cynicism permeates everything …

New Work Friday #241

“You can’t swipe left on a painting.”

New Work Friday #240

“This body of work was made while traveling overseas, time felt like it was condensing, becoming arbitrary, barely a function to signal the difference between night and day, I had a feeling of being displaced, not knowing languages, unfamiliar locations, people…”