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New Work Friday #204

King was a refugee of Nazi Europe who found love and a home in the foreign landscape of Australia, and until her death aged 100 in 2016 was a subject, like all Australians, of an often blind and indifferent Crown.

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New Work Friday #203

‘I have tried to leave them all at a stage that reflects some kind of completion but I also feel as if they have no end.’

New Work Friday #202

This is an embroidery that depicts a garish face in a yellow and black motley pattern.

Modern Lexicon

Modern Lexicon

Art Life , Stuff Oct 05, 2016

Being new – or having or suggesting a state of newness – is the most highly prized virtue of all.

New Work Friday #201

My principal methodology is to reconfigure whatever objects and materials are at hand.

But wait there’s more #14

“Sitting at a slight angle to me, looking very slightly, thoughtfully upwards, she reminds me of a Leonardo da Vinci portrait –Lady with an Ermine (1489-90), perhaps.”

New Work Friday #200

Gab Bates, ‘Developer Catcher’ (based on a traditional Voodoo ‘Devil Catcher’), W65cmxD65cmxH80cm, foraged & anointed sticks, bones, beads, coins, Inner West soil, cocain and the spittle of an angry young female artist at a council meeting. Gab Bates, ‘House Protection

Modern Lexicon

Modern Lexicon

Art Life , Stuff Sep 23, 2016

Painting – like democracy or comedy – is a cultural practice that is widely accepted and easily recognised in its most traditional forms…

But Wait There’s More #13

The reaction to the current situation, the colours, the light or the food I had for breakfast contributes towards the action and outcome.

Someone Thought This Was A Good Idea

You may not like whatever you see here but ultimately it will be good for you.