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Transformations through time: Paul White’s iconic realities

“My process became a meditation not only on the image but also personally; a way of dealing with, slowing down and processing the world around me.”

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New Work Friday #211

What did these images show?

Mike Parr: Foreign Looking

The weight of Parr’s Self Portrait Project is apparent in the number of attempts he’s made to end it.

Somewhere In Between

“Fuller’s practice… an unashamedly earnest quest for beauty and truth.”

The Hunt – Day 1

Men hunt and women gather…

The Gaming Effect

The Gaming Effect takes the world of the electronic game and applies it to RL.

Still Life – Girls

Luise Guest considers presence and abscence in Gao Ping’s latest exhibition…

Extensions of a No Place

This no-place is a place beyond the vanishing point, the horizon line, the picture plane…

Drawing Breath

Drawing Breath

Reviews Jun 17, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night as Meredith Birrell forsook comfort for art…

Drawn to abstraction

As the flood waters begin to recede into memory, business resumes at Brisbane’s commercial galleries, writes Sharne Wolff