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Illuminations: Video Music

Curated by Matthew Hopkins, Video Music explores the complex nature of sound and image in contemporary art through a range of screen based, projected, sculptural, and interactive works.

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Stocking Stuffers Part 2

In part 2, Sharne Wolff rounds up the best of the best from Barcelona, London, Byron and Sydney to down town Hobart…

Infrasun Forming Beyond the Orbit of Pluto

A mix for your listening pleasure…



Op-ed Nov 25, 2011

Twenty original artists, twenty original hits! Sharne Wolff on why buying art is like buying music, sort of…

High Reflections #11

HR presents a wild and diverse night of music, noise and arpeggio.

It’s all in the numbers

The airwaves are full of numbers…

Ten Essentials: Drones

Andrew Frost shares his playlist of essential drone music – but first, what’s that sound?

Josef Beuys Says Nein Danke Reagan!

“Beuys tried his luck as a pop singer as part of his political commitment. His song ‘Sonne statt Reagan’ attacks Ronald Reagan’s arms policy. The song was issued as a record and Beuys appeared before big audiences with it during

Hey Mr DJ!

Hey Mr DJ!

Music Apr 03, 2008

Christian Marclay, Mini-Doc, from YouTube. If you’re viewing this post via email, click here to watch the video.

Glorious Mono

Glorious Mono

Media , Music Feb 18, 2008

From Ian Houston Robert Henke, also known as Monolake, is a musician, but only just. He explores that area of music on the very edge of becoming sound or perhaps he explores that area of noise, just on the edge