High Reflections #11

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High Reflections #11

HR presents a wild and diverse night of music, noise and arpeggio.

Returning after a brief hiatus with a killer night featuring:
Wog / Free Choice / None Music / Pia van Gelder

The Sandringham Hotel
King St, Newtown
August 28th
8:00pm – 12:00am

High Reflections

Their chemistry is undeniable: an avant-garde free-jazz improviser of the highest order dabbling in punk and a punk-rock fiend of distortion dabbling in avant-garde and improvisation joining forces to unleash an infectious yet brutal alternative to the current chart fodder! Avant-garde music for the masses from two world-rated giants of the musical underworld: surely that can’t be a bad thing – RODNEY SWENSON – Village Voice

Free Choice Duo (Melbourne)
Analog electronic music made by Jarrod Zlatic (Fabulous Diamonds) & Jessica McElhinney. Long songs for good times. Melodic & Mechanical. Rhythymic & repetitive.

None Music
Sub-voidal nothingness. Nic De Jong’s (Naked on the Vague, Ghosts of Television) solo project; None Music. Feel angry about feeling sad, then feel sad again. Sounds like losing on the pokies over and over and over and over again.

Pia van Gelder
Pia van Gelder is a Sydney based electronic media artist. Pia is interested in how a challenged machine or electronic system may contribute aesthetically to media compositions. Her practice investigates the validity of machines as performers and authors. Pia is also the Overlord for Dorkbot, a regular event for “people doing strange things with electricity”.

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