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Cindy Sherman

It’s a fascinating glimpse at a face familiar from her long body of work, a face that seems almost blank without prosthetic noses and theatrical makeup.

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Japan: Australian Perspectives

The influence of Japanese art and culture in Australian art and design in Japan: Australian Perspectives.

Mystic Renegade: the Promise of Return

Polari is a type of anti-language



Art Life , Exhibitions Jul 12, 2014

A love letter straight from from her heart.

The Photographer’s Shadow

In the middle of the room sit two glass vitrines filled with what would, in the vernacular of most families, be called pictures.

Brenda L Croft

Brenda L Croft’s work documents the real lives of Aboriginal people.

Access to Life

It was thirty years ago that the first case of HIV was diagnosed in Australia.

Flatlands: Photography and Everyday Space
To Revisit: Sarah Mosca’s New Works

Isobel Philip looks through the veil into Sarah Mosca’s opaque worlds..

New Work Friday #127

Through the expressive potential of remote landscapes, Shoufay Derz explores the thresholds between experience and representation. Negatives direct the viewer towards a sense of absence not immediately apparent.