Archibald #3: Middle Ranking

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Robert Hannaford’s Tubes

Pros: A nice change from wearing a t-shirt.

Cons: He’s a big sexy bastard.

Percentage Chance of Win: 40%

Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa, Self portrait with high pants

Pros: Lovely nod to John Brack, not a picture of a house.

Cons: There can only be one Rodney Popel.

Percentage Chance of Win: 37%

John Beard’s Janet Laurence

Pros: Looks just like the artist as seen at Fratelli Fresh.

Cons: Skill sure, but to what purpose?

Percentage Chance of Win: 30%

Kevin Connor’s Portrait of a quiet man, Robert Eadie, painter.

He can’t go on winning the Dobell Drawing Prize forever, can he?

Cons: Dobell Prize a good six months away.

Percentage Chance of Win: 29%

Rodney Pople’s Stone cold sober (self portrait)

Pros: The best self portrait as Yves Klein done in the style of Marc Chagall ever painted, Kerrie Lester not in this year…

Cons: He’ll never bloody win it poor bastard.

Percentage Chance of Win: 25%

Andrew Frost

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