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If contemporary art is a kind of art making that attempts to open up a critical debate with the values and aspirations of wider culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibition Taboo is the very definition of contemporary practice.

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Postcard from Bilbao

Sharne Wolff has a fine old time walking through Spain while building incredible calf muscles and art appreciation skills along the way…

Postcard from Berlin

Din Heagney’s latest postcard arrived in the mail. He’s in Berlin, in a melancholy mood…

In advance of a broken column

Nigel Lendon casts an eye over the spiffy new entrance of the National Gallery of Australia…

Three rules of curating

The first rule of curating is ‘the role of the curator is to ensure that the artist is never unexplained or misread’ – and, in short, the primary role is to make the artist ‘look good’.

From Canberra with love

Wendy Meares writes on her trip to Canberra, the National Portrait Gallery and the Gladwell installation at the War Memorial…

Spaces of experience

Charlotte Klonk’s Spaces of Experience examines the evolution of the art gallery interior from the dense hang of the 17th century salon through to today’s bespoke architect-designed gallery spaces such as the Guggenheim Bilbao and Tate Britain. She spoke to Andrew Frost about the current state of museology, the presence of new media in spaces designed for paintings and the inescapable presence of the wall text…

Who You Lookin’ At??!!

The 5th Asia Pacific Triennial opened the brand new Gallery of Modern Art in 2006. It was a stupendous event. Interstate art lovers came to witness the cutting of the red ribbon, the brass band at the entrance playing God

Wotif, wotif…

Wotif, wotif…

Reviews Nov 06, 2008

From John Kelly… Having arrived in Australia from Europe we book our accommodation online. finds us in a hotel in Kent Street Sydney. As with many of Sydney’s boutique hotels the foyer is dominated by a large decorative Australian

Decor Warriors

Decor Warriors

Art Life , Op-ed Oct 14, 2007

The National Gallery of Australia and its presentation of The Aboriginal Memorial have a long and chequered history. Originally conceived by Djon Mundine at the time of the Bicentennial as a memorial to 200 years of the victims of white