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We Need to Talk About the Archibald Prize…

Eliza Underwood takes a look at the perennial problem of Australia’s most popular annual art contest…

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Deep Dreaming The Archi…

But Satan’s boy I could never be…

Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2014

Let’s not bother who will win, or who has won, but simply ask – what’s good?

Picture This

Picture This

Art Life , Reviews Mar 17, 2008

Never doubt the sincerity of an artist. Even when it seems like it might be a joke, a pisstake, some sort of ironic double play [indeed, especially when it seems so] there is nearly always a serious intent behind the

Archibald #2: So Close…

Del Kathryn Barton’sVasili Kaliman and contained familiar together within the Dreaming. Pros: Strikingly different, immaculately painted, spooky witchcraft! Cons: No one ever admits Archi voting is political, but it is… Percentage Chance of Win: 87% Cherry Hood’s Ben Quilty Pros:

Archibald #3: Middle Ranking

Robert Hannaford’s Tubes Pros: A nice change from wearing a t-shirt. Cons: He’s a big sexy bastard. Percentage Chance of Win: 40% Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa, Self portrait with high pants Pros: Lovely nod to John Brack, not a

Archibald #4: More To Do But…

Carmen Di Napoli’sGo for it Pros: The only bastard left standing… and who else are Archibald judges going to vote for?? Cons: Painted from photo [nice flash feature in background!], chair sticking out of head. Percentage Chance of Win: 12%

Eyes Are Hard To Paint

Was it only last Friday? It seems like an eternity since the Archibald, Wynne, Sulman and Photographic prizes were announced at the Art Gallery of NSW. By now you’ll know that Melbourne painter Marcus Wills won the $35,000 Archibald Prize

The Enemy of My Enemy

Who would have thought that Tony Johansen’s legal challenge to the award of the Archibald portrait prize to Craig Ruddy would have been motivated by a disdain for “political correctness”? Who would have thought that the “fighting fund” underwriting his

Late Breaking Extra: Margaret Olley Worried, Archibald Drawing!

You know, we thought Margaret Olley was maybe off with the pixies – having spoken to her on a few occasions we weren’t sure whether she was play-acting the mad old biddy routine and was secretly Buddha-like beneath the cardigans