Archibald #4: More To Do But…

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Carmen Di Napoli’s
Go for it

Pros: The only bastard left standing… and who else are Archibald judges going to vote for??

Cons: Painted from photo [nice flash feature in background!], chair sticking out of head.

Percentage Chance of Win: 12%

Evert Ploeg’s George Ellis

Pros: The greatest painting of the century!

Cons: That century is the 18th Century.

Percentage Chance of Win: 11%

Jenny Sages’ Irina Baronova (handing on the baton)

Pros: Sages a sentimental favourite with judges.

Cons: Hideous, may have been painted from photo, other subject not named.

Percentage Chance of Win: 5%

Jasper Knight’s Bob Carr

Pros: Accurately depicts Bob Carr’s blood lust and the missing part of his head

Cons: Larger than life size, shocking chin.

Percentage Chance of Win: 2%

Andrew Frost

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