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Glass of wine optional…

In a couple of weeks we move from pre-production of the Art Life TV show into full-blooded production. From March 12th we’ll be travelling around the country to stand in front of paintings, bas relief sculptures and other works of art while we wave our arms about in a learned fashion. Usually when TEAM Art Life travels, we keep up our hectic publishing schedule no matter what, but this time it will simply be impossible to see shows, write about them, and publish them every week. Don’t fret – we’ll be keeping up our extremely popular Well Fancy That series, the polls, our mining of YouTube and other fun stuff, but for the meat and potatoes of this blog – reviews and critiques – we’re offering an open invitation to our readers to write a guest blog. This is your chance to be part of the Art Life magic and talk to thousands of art world people around the country – you can write a review, cut and paste some favourite quotes from your favourite esteemed critic, you can big up your own blogging efforts. The style and content of the guest blog is entirely up to you – but it will be edited! You can send expressions of interest to: theartlife[at]

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