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7 February 2007

The Art Life is pleased to announce the establishment of The Art Life Contemporary Art Foundation. This unique and exciting innovation – where private art is dedicated to contemporary money in a public space – will build on the already considerable achievements of The Art Life and move the blog from onerous responsibility of running a weekly blog into an entirely new tax arrangement.

Initially The Art Life Foundation will be funded exclusively from our PayPal account and will operate as a we’d-like-to-make-a-profit entity hosting and curating several exhibitions annually some of them in comercial galleries, others in major institutions across Australia in the form of blagging.

An Art Life spokesmodel said today, “This is one of the most exciting projects the Art Life has been involved with. We have been exploring and developing the idea of a new Foundation with a contemporary art focus for many years as a way of continuing to make a substantial and ongoing profit from the visual arts in this country. Establishing the new Foundation gives us the structure to make this dream a reality while giving us the tax breaks we so richly deserve.”

The spokesmodel conitinued, possibly drunk, “The Art Life has enjoyed three very successful years in the commercial contemporary art world. We have had the honour of working with many of Australia’s finest artists, nurturing and developing their talent, selling their work and living very well off the proceeds. Now it is time for a change. After much thought TEAM Art Life has decided that the best way to continue making a significant contribution to the cultural life of Australia is through a non-profit, non-commercial foundation that remains clearly focused on public outcomes. The Foundation is the best way to achieve this. We are excited and invigorated by the Foundation and its potential. This new direction for us coupled with our commitment to our artists in our last year of commercial operation at The Art Life ensures that we will have an active and stimulating year ahead. After that, of course, they are on their own, so let’s hope those last shows sell well!”

The transition from blog to private foundation will take place throughout 2007.

“This transition period will allow us to plan and create a substantial inaugural year of new office space, furnishings, coffee machines and G5s. The Art Life Foundation will leave an indelible and lasting mark on the contemporary arts calendar of Australia by head-lining some of the best artists the region has to offer,” the spokesmodel rambled.


PHILANTHROPY: The Art Life will continue its involvement in the Contemporary art community with a singularity of purpose and vision. Philanthropy will assume an even greater focus. The Art Life has several special purpose foundations under the auspices of the existing Art Life Foundation, including Cashless, the fund for emerging artists. These foundations complement the range of important initiatives in education to which the “family” have long been committed.

THE ART LIFE FOUNDATION is a private Australian foundation. Its primary purpose is to make grants to philanthropic causes that relate specifically to the “family’s interests”. Key priorities include funding for the arts, education, emerging artists, EBay, and the environment, with additional attention given to youth and indigenous issues. The trustees of the Art Life Foundation meet bi-annually to determine grants recipients, then party like it’s 1999.

CASHLESS was launched in 2004 by some guy and promotes respect and compassion for emerging artists, increases awareness of the conditions in which they live; and takes action to protect them from suffering. www.cashless.org.au

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