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Bruce Conner, Mongoloid, from The Truth About De-Evolution, 1977.

Bruce Conner, one of the most influential found footage film collage artists, has died aged 74. From The San Francisco Chronicle:

“Despite an enviably long record of gallery and museum exhibitions, Mr. Conner met with little recognition outside the worlds of contemporary art and independent film. […] Mr. Conner first got noticed for the short films he assembled from scavenged documentary and B-movie footage. Several of his films, including A Movie (1958), a sort of paean to human failure, and Crossroads (1977), are regarded as classics of independent filmmaking, even though Mr. Conner shot no original footage for them. Crossroads replays, at ever slower speeds, official footage of a hydrogen bomb detonation on Bikini Atoll, until repetition – 27 times – and slow motion transfigure its colossal destructiveness into something hypnotically beautiful…”

Prolific Beat era artist Bruce Conner dies, San Francisco Chronicle.

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