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Ocular Lab Inc.
31 Pearson St., West Brunswick 3055 (map ref 29 7-D)
Gallery hours: Sat – Sun 1 – 5pm or by appointment: 03 9380 9184

The Oak tree known for its long growing hard wood and majestic presence is a universal symbol of strength and endurance. In the swollen promises of email spam and miracle products, the power to erect larger dimensions of the penis is the embodiment of manhood in redevelopment. This is where the GET OAK FIRMNESS show begins.

GET OAK FIRMNESS Curated by Elvis Richardson April-May 2009. Claire Lambe, Renny Kodgers and the collaborative duo Nat Thomas and Concettina Inserra in GET OAK FIRMNESS a performance and exhibition program exploring the expectations, power functions and romantic notions of the penis will be staged over two of the most interesting artist run venues in Melbourne; Hell Gallery and Ocular Lab.

curated by Elvis Richardson presents:
The Model
Performance and installation by Renny Kodgers



2 days only!  

Performance on Saturday April 25th 3-5pm,
Installation continues on Sunday 26th 1-5pm

for more info see

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A Candystripers Project: Bus Gallery
The Candystripers: Lauren Brown and Gemma Jones
June 9 – 26, 2009

The Candystripers is a collaboration between two Melbourne artists: pop-artist Gemma Jones and installation artist Lauren Brown. Their latest project is in the entrance to Bus Gallery, an artist-run-space in the heart of Melbourne, and is the third in a series of projects based in Melbourne.


Seeking to create hyper-real spaces that walk the line between exterior and interior experiences, The Candystripers project at Bus transforms the foyer into a cross between Victorian wallpaper, an oversized minimalist painting and a helicopter landing pad.

What : A Candystripers Project: Bus Gallery
Where: Bus Gallery, Melbourne
When: 9 June – 26 June
Opening: Tuesday 9 June, 6 – 8pm
Contacts: Lauren Brown 0405 770 117
Gemma Jones 0414 695 001

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