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Exhibitions Jun 16, 2010 3 Comments

julie anne shea
drawings – notations analogies sequences animations transformations
macleay valley community art gallery
kinchela street gladstone nsw 02 6567 5092
july 1 – july 11 2010
opening 6pm thursday july 1

POST REAL has the centerpieces of three charcoal drawing animations displayed on large digital photo frames. The process of charcoal drawing animation leaves behind remnant drawings which will be displayed in sets with the animations that have parented them. These have been exquisitely framed to highlight the importance of their history in the animation production. Prints of sequences of images that have been erased during the process but captured by photography will be displayed along with the remnant drawings. A selection of these prints in various formats will be displayed framed. Prints of the creative diary pages will also be shown to reveal the original concepts that inspired the creation of the works. The diaries will also be part of this educational exhibit.

One section of the gallery will be a dedicated “gallery studio” with the artist photographing new drawing sequences for animation for the duration of the exhibition. Uncatalogued examples of drawings from the artist’s collection will represent various drawing practices including traditional process, projective, illustrative and life drawing.

This will be the stage for the Artist’s Floor Talk and Discussion on Sunday July 4th at 2.00 pm which is free to all interested members of the public.

Andrew Frost


  1. scott

    Good work Julie…I’ll be there , see you

  2. Shirley

    Fascinating stuff. I will be interested in seeing and knowing more.

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