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It turns out that not only is Sean Lowry a doctor, but he’s also a former member of herbal-hippy-metal band Def FX. For those who came in late – or perhaps have conveniently forgotten what it was like – the early 1990s were a lot like the way things are now, just more crap, and Def FX were the promising young band of the day. Why are we telling you this? Because Sean Lowry is back in his guise as successful contemporary artist with a mission, namely to post a “collection of popular songs reinterpreted within the moving image.” We’re not certain what “within” means in this context, but Lowry’s Wikipedia entry explains thusly:

“Sean Lowry (born 1968) is a Sydney based artist, writer & musician. After considerable commercial success in Australia, Asia and North America during the 1990s with seminal Australian electronic rock band Def FX […] [he] is now exhibiting a body of experimental audiovisual work (recently exhibited in San Francisco and broadcast in Germany in 2008 under the moniker of Lapdancer). A panelist at “The Contemporary Collaborator In An Interdisciplinary World” (2008 Annual Conference of the College Art Association, Dallas-Fort Worth, USA), and a Lecturer, Creative Arts/Fine Arts, School of Drama, Fine Arts and Music, University of Newcastle, Australia (awarded University of Newcastle ‘Lecturer of the Year, 2007’), Lowry is currently developing a major publishing project titled ‘The Agnostic Model: Beyond Art & Anti-Art’. A new album titled ‘I Got My Headphones & My Laptop’ is due to be released in 2009. A new audiovisual project titled ‘Lapdancer2: a collection of popular songs reinterpreted within the moving image’, will also be exhibited/released on DVD/CD in 2009.”

The first in the series for Lapdancer 2 videos is a rendition of Smoke On The Water [featuring Charles Famous] and – perhaps giving some clue to the meaning of “within” – presents a man in his pants at a council tip:

Further videos in the series can be seen at Sean Lowry’s YouTube Channel

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