Travel Distortions: Fog

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Please join me for the opening of my new show Travel Distortions: Fog this Thursday November 4th from 6pm at Hue Davies Photo Access in Manuka Canberra.

A whitish day passed beyond the curtainless windows – Umberto Eco

Travelling is adventurous uncertainty, ever hopeful that what was seen in the brochure is the truth but in fact can end up with weather or circumstances that makes the experience unsuitable and did not reflect the imagery portrayed in advertising or other media. However these can reveal a beautiful and unexpected vista, a unique experience that changes your way of looking, on this trip, fog.

Fog hides, it is opaque and smooth. It is a subtle veil not woolly like a cloud; it puts the smaller details into perspective and blankets the landscape in a glowing perfect unbiased light.

Travel distortions – Fog is the start of a travel series based on the expectations of what we think we know, what we encounter and how it affects our understanding of the ‘holiday’. To travel and to be a tourist is part of the modern experience and as such it requires to fit certain criteria in order to say that we have ‘travelled’. This work continues on from previous work on the flaneur and approaches travel photography in a different light while singling out a specific event that changed the course of the holiday snap and questions if these experiences make the holiday any less valuable.

Andrew Frost

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