New Work Friday #58

New Work Sep 03, 2010 No Comments

Dara Gill, Untitled (Self-Help Pulping) 2010
Found books, timber. Dimensions Variable.

“A range of self-help books, dealing with the topic of anxiety are pulped with the use of a mortar and pestle. The covers are removed and the books contents are turned into cubes through the process…”

From top: Dara Gill, Untitled (Kate – Rubber Band Portrait) 2010, Untitled (Simon – Rubber Band Portrait) 2010 and Untitled (Jack – Rubber Band Portrait) 2010.
Lambda Print from C-41 negatives. 107.6 x 101.6cm

“In this series participants in the photographs were asked to be apart of an art project that involved taking a photographic portrait of the subject, no other information was given. After the participant agreed it was arranged for them to meet the artist at his studio at an allotted time to take the photo. Once the participant was in position and lighting etc was set, the artist pulled a rubber band out of his pocket and pointed it at the participant and commenced shooting the photo continuously, in silence, until the roll was finished – Dara Gill

The Art Life

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