The Bloop

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“Several times during 1997, a sound reverberated through the Pacific Ocean that has been a mystery to science ever since. Dubbed “the Bloop”, the sound rises rapidly in frequency over one minute and was loud enough to be picked up by multiple sensors located up to 5,000km apart. These underwater listening devices were put in place in an area known as the “deep sound channel” during the Cold War to detect and track Soviet submarines, and are now used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to monitor natural phenomena. The NOAA says there’s no way the sound was man-made, and while it does sort of resemble a sound made by a living creature, there’s no whale in the world that’s large enough to produce a sound of such volume – not even gigantic blue whales. In fact, no creature that is ever known to have existed on this earth even during the time of the dinosaurs would be capable of creating The Bloop. Of course, that could only mean one thing: it’s the Call of Cthulhu! Coincidentally (or not), the sound was traced to a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean located within 500 miles of the lair of H.P. Lovecraft’s legendary sea monster…”

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Andrew Frost

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  1. Big Ears

    That’s a helluva weird thing. Excellent re-post, thanks.

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