Style guide: how to write a news item on a record art sale

Art Life , Media May 05, 2010 No Comments

Punning Headline Here [Mention Sale Price eg: “Art record: Nude Picasso fetches $117m”].

The sale of [name of artist]’s [name of art work] for a [staggering/incredible/record] [sale price] at [name of auction house] on [date] has defied recent stock market scares to become the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction.

[Name of art work] was estimated at [estimated sale price before auction] but when the hammer came down before a [crowded/enthralled/spellbound] auction room in [London/New York/Dubai], [name of art work] easily surpassed [name and details of last record].

The sale has set a new record for the artist, [name of art work] sold in [details of last sale].

Although the successful bidder for this record sale remains anonymous speculation among auction insiders suggest the successful bid came from [a Russian oligarch/Arab speculator/Las Vegas hotelier] [name] and will enter a private collection.

Andrew Frost

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