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From Andrew Frost

On the stairwell wall of the art school’s library there was a framed work on paper that simply read AIRPOET. Executed in the manner of a street sign it has plagued me for decades – to this day I still think airpoet when I’m on my way to Mascot. Such is the work of artist-poet Richard Tipping whose witty, punning and visually impactful word art signs is a vital link in the small history that is Australian text art.

Tipping’s latest exhibition – and his third in 12 months – is No King: Signs & Photographs by Richard Tipping continues the artist-poet’s trademark détournement of street signage, this time collected around the theme of the Australian Republic such as NO KING, Thank You and featuring older works including REDUCE NEED and WRONG DAY GO BACK.

September 29 – October 20
Arthere Photomedia Space, Redfern.
Pic: Richard Tipping, Reduce Need, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Arthere Photomedia Space.

Andrew Frost

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