Values Neutral Street Justice

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From Sharne Wolff

Danny Ford’s CassetteProject [] is a performance work and archival project that mixes music from a number of live bands over several performances to create reinterpretations that are recorded on cassette tape and handed back to the audience.

Danny Ford, Three Eyed Tiger, 2012, video still.

Values Neutral Street Justice further explores Ford’s interest in reconfiguration and the convergence of meaning. In a new digital installation work by the artist titled a video is accompanied by a looping soundtrack where music ranges between the hauntingly psychedelic and the primitive. While the viewer watches bold rectangles of block text move upward, a cascade of hand drawn and clip-art styled tigers and other visual elements fall, vibrate and circulate around the screen occasionally moving in and out of focus.

Overlaid words and phrases written by the artist appear simultaneously in the lower foreground: With sufficient attention the invisible can be rendered visible; The tiger is interested in you; Order requires regulation; Ignore the content of your thoughts but be mindful of the sequence in which they appear. We’re witnessing what seems like a combination of demands and sage advice. Is Ford suggesting by his video title that the assistance of our ‘third eye’ is required bring the truth into focus?

Artereal Gallery Project Space, Rozelle.
Until 30 June 2012
Pic: courtesy the artist and Artereal Gallery.

Sharne Wolff

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