White As They Come

Exhibitions Apr 30, 2012 1 Comment

Some artists are heroes, and some are villains. A select few are both. Think of Pablo Picasso or Jackson Pollock. Or our very own Brett Whiteley. Although the late, great Whiteley is now 20 years in the grave his influence is felt in the work of younger artists who emulate his art and hedonistic lifestyle. Now it’s time for the legend to be dismantled. The group show White As They Come demystifies the sometimes unintentionally hilarious legacy of the great man. Featuring the work of Sarah Contos, Ella Barclay, Alex Kiers and Daniel Boyd – whose video Get Lit [pictured] remixes a scene from a Peter Kingston’s film portrait of Whiteley from the early 70s – the show revisits “the romanticised grandeur of this white male artist and hopefully spur dialogue on the façade of immortality his legacy is centred on.”

Until April 29, 55 Sydenham Road, Marrickville.

Andrew Frost

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  1. Suzanne Donisthorpe

    Hi Andy- can you give me the contact details for this show- might be agood one for Books and Arts…cheers

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